Become a Great Product Manager with Microsoft’s Senior Product Manager

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Do you how to become a (better) Product Manager? Start here! Learn all about the position as well as how to land it. Resume review included!

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  • Over 10 hours of self-paced videos and over 20 exercises
  • Unlimited, lifetime access to he course
  • Content for aspiring and junior Product Managers
  • Free resume review at the end of the course over email or chat
  • Access to a community of over 3000 sitting and aspiring Product Managers
  • Learn all the most important skills and practices of a Great Product Manager
  • Learn practical and actionable lessons based on my own experience (Microsoft, OLX, Stepstone and others)
  • Learn how to find and land your Product Manager position
  • Get real experience by creating your own Product
  • Direct support from me, your instructor, over chat and email
  • 48-hour money-back guarantee if you change your mind!


About the course

Hi! I am Dr Bart Jaworski, Senior Product Manager. For many years, I have been dreaming – just like you – of becoming a highly successful Product Manager. However, one question lingered on me from the first day since I started:

“How to Become a Great Product Manager?”

I dedicated the last 5 years of my life to answering this question and it was all collected for you in this course! Everything you need to know to become a Great Product Manager, from how to craft the right resume, find the job, and then rock it, is all here!

Students of this course have left over 2000 5-star reviews and hundreds of them landed their new Product Manager positions after taking the course. Check out the written and recorded testimonials!

This course is intended for those who are yet to start a Product Management career and people with up to 2 years of experience in Product Management or similar. However, I’m sure you will find plenty of useful practices and techniques or simply different perspectives on some of the challenges you face even if you have more experience.

In any case, be sure to reach out to me or email me, I’m always happy to discuss and answer your questions!

My road to being a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft had been full of unexpected challenges, and I have been forced many times to search for additional resources to help me deal with them. Unfortunately, there had been some aspects of the position that no course or book could have prepared me for, and this is exactly where this course comes in.

Don’t get me wrong. My efforts have resulted in gaining great theoretical and basic knowledge. However, no one has ever told me how to deal with an ineffective team, how to find the right data to perform analyses, or even the basics – what character features and skill set make a great product manager.

Thus, I have this course with over 10 hours of materialsIn it, I will teach you about the position itself but also provide you with practical solutions on how to deal with different setbacks that I had to find out the hard way.

After completing this course, you will be well prepared to:

  • manage any IT product,
  • choose the best improvements for it, and make them a reality with your team,
  • envision the product’s growth for many years to come,
  • build a great product roadmap,
  • change your stale development team into a well-oiled, highly effective machine,
  • find great ideas for your product and support them with the right data,
  • excel in planning an A/B test for any product change and be able to understand its effects,
  • become a great spokesman,
  • conduct engaging meetings and make them highly effective,
  • complete any product management certification. This course provides a certificate as well upon completion!
  • and many more!


With my unique background of 9 years in creating IT products for recruiters and having made a difficult, long journey to a Product Manager, I am qualified to tell you exactly how to replicate this transition. With my recruitment-oriented chapter, I will take you through the whole process of planning your career, starting with building an ideal resume and a LinkedIn profile. I will guide you on how to perform at your best in your potential job interview and start a new product manager position with a BANG. I will also tell you how to successfully launch your own Product and gain first-hand experience in Product Management. This project will help you put all the skills I have given you into the right context and will highly enrich your resume – so that you can land your next dream job more easily!

The course is accompanied by a dedicated Discord channel where I am happy to take follow-up questions and feedback that I will attend to daily. I am also to your ongoing disposition on LinkedIn chat. Apart from this, I offer brand-new bonus classes on the YouTube channel Product’s Digest where I talk about best product management practices and review different product-related articles and stories so that you can easily tell a useful source from a waste of your time. A new video, meant as yet another bonus class, is posted each week!

You are ambitious and full of energy and dreams, but also in need of guidance. I have been there, too. This course is built in a way that will make your journey easier than mine was. By making use of my knowledge and best practices, I hope you will develop your career quicker than I do, and who knows, maybe one day we will meet in the halls of Microsoft’s office and shake hands.

The course also includes a chapter on how to successfully land a job and create your own Product as a side project – an effective way to improve your chances of landing a Product Manager position! If you need it, upon the course’s completion, I’m happy to provide a letter of recommendation that I’ll sign, scan and send to you. I am fondly looking forward to that! Finally – this course is my product. I curate it on an ongoing basis and with every week, every change I make and every feedback I receive, it simply becomes better and better!

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Chapter 1: Product Manager – understanding the role

• Class 1-01: Who is a Product Manager?
• Exercise 1: Have you ever done any Product Management work?
• Class 1-02: Product Manager’s responsibilities
• Class 1-03: Why choose a Product Manager’s career?

Chapter 2: Traits of a Great Product Manager

• Class 2-01: Communication
• Class 2-02: Data-drivenness
• Class 2-03: Goal-orientation
• Class 2-04: Leadership
• Class 2-05: Problem focus
• Class 2-06: Transparency
• Exercise 2: Rate yourself!

Chapter 3: Product’s big bang – chaos is born

• Class 3-01: Vision
• Exercise 3: Write a Product vision
• Class 3-02: Strategy
• Exercise 4: Write a Product Strategy
• Strategy examples
• Proposal: Consider jumping to Chapter 11
• Class 3-03: Values
• Exercise 5: Conduct a SWOT analysis!
• Class 3-05: SMART framework and OKRs
• Class 3-06: User personas
• Exercise 6: Create user personas!
• Class 3-04: SWOT analysis

Chapter 4: Organizing the work around the Product – Turning Chaos into order 

• Class 4-01: Kanban
• Class 4-02: Agile scrum
• Class 4-03: Product Owner in Agile Scrum
• Class 4-04: Waterfall
• Class 4-05: How to organize
• Exercise 7: Create your own Trello board!
• Exercise 8: Reserve time for your tasks!
• Class 4-06: Day of a Product Manager
• Class 4-07: Delegating
• Exercise 9: Start delegating!

Chapter 5: Communication – sharing the order with others 

• Class 5-01: Stakeholders
• Exercise 10: Map your stakeholders!
• Class 5-02: Managing expectations
• Complimentary reading: History of Cyberpunk 2077 development
• Class 5-03: Emails
• Class 5-04: Communicators
• Exercise 11: Review push notification settings on your phone
• Class 5-05: Meetings
• Class 5-06: Presentations
• Class 5-07: Motivating the team
• Exercise 12: Improve your team’s morale!
• Class 5-08: Resolving conflicts
• Class 5-09: Escalations

Chapter 6: Before the Product development – turning order into work 

• Class 6-01: Ideas
• Exercise 13: Generate 3 product change ideas!
• Class 6-02: Market analysis
• Exercise 14: Analyse the full-screen clock market!
• Class 6-03: Client interviews
• Exercise 15: Conduct a user interview!
• Class 6-04: Strategic thinking
• Class 6-05: Roadmap
• Class 6-06: Value and prioritization
• Exercise 16: Select a task worth pursuing
• Class 6-07: POC
• Exercise 16: Does your selected product change require a POC?
• Class 6-08: MVPs intro
• Complimentary reading: History of Zappos online shoe shop!
• Class 6-09: MVP types
• Exercise 17: Select an MVP type for your selected product change!

Chapter 7: Product development – turning work into product 

• Class 7-01: Backlog
• Example Task document (PRD)
• Exercise 18: Create a task document for your selected product change!
• Class 7-02: Task document (PRD)
• Class 7-03: Managing bugs
• Class 7-04: Technical debt
• Class 7-05: Design
• Exercise 19: Write design requirements for your selected product change!
• Class 7-06: QA and testing
• Exercise 20: Write a testing plan for your selected product change!
• Class 7-07: Analysis
• Class 7-08: Improving development speed
• Class 7-09: Return on investment
• Class 7-10: Product lifecycle
• Class 7-11: The development process

Chapter 8: Live product – finally getting the users to use it!

• Class 8-01: Increment (Basic)
• Exercise 21: Plan the release of your Product change (increment)!
• Class 8-02: Comments and product rating (Advanced)
• Class 8-03: Docs (Basic)

Chapter 9: Data – Understanding the impact of the Product change

• Class 9-01: Data
• Class 9-02: Metrics
• Exercise 22: Select your product and task metrics!
• Class 9-03: How to get the right data
• Exercise 23: Find evidence of the positive impact of gamification on a product!
• Class 9-04: User segmentation and cohorts
• Class 9-05: Presenting the data
• Exercise 24: Select key data and present them on a single slide!
• Class 9-06: Data vs feeling
• Class 9-07: A/B testing
• Class 9-08: Understanding users

Chapter 10: The Product Manager career path

• Class 10-01: Career paths (Advanced)
• Class 10-02: Student to Product Manager (Advanced)
• Class 10-03: Getting promoted to Product Manager (Advanced)
• Your perfect CV checklist
• Example CVs and reviewed version
• Great CV editor
• Exercise 25: Create your Product Manager’s CV!
• Would you like me to review your resume?
• Class 10-04: Your Optimal Product Manager CV
• LinkedIn – additional advice
• Exercise 26: Create your Product Manager’s LinkedIn profile!a
• Class 10-05: Your optimal Product Manager LinkedIn profile
• Job search strategy
• Exercise 27: Identify your job opportunities on the web!
• Class 10-06: How to find the dream job offer?
• Class 10-07: Job search strategies
• Appendix: Basic questions to prepare for before the interview.
• Exercise 28: Prepare your job interview answers!
• Class 10-08: Before the job interview
• After the job interview email template
• Class 10-09: Job interview
• Class 10-10: Typical job interview questions for Product Managers
• Class 10-11: After the job interview
• Class 10-12: The recruitment project
• Class 10-13: Your first week in a new position!
• Class 10-14: Your trial period
• Class 10-15: Before the job anniversary
• Class 10-16: Your first year
• Class 10-17: Annual review
• Class 10-18: Promotion
• Class 10-19: Changing jobs

Chapter 11: Putting your new skills together – Start your own product! 

• Class 11-01: Your own Product
• Class 11-02: Choose your Product
• Class 11-03: Work Scope
• Class 11-04: Goals
• Class 11-05: Vision and Strategy
• Consider creating user personas for your Product!
• Class 11-06: Plan your work
• Class 11-07: Launch and running the product
• Project template

Parting ways (?)

• Final words for the core course
• Course Certificate
• Now what?
• About your instructor
• Book recommendations
• Certification quiz

Additional Classes

• A-01: Project vs product
• A-02: Project Manager vs Product Manager
• A-03: IT vs real products
• A-04: OLX recruitment project – commentary and context
• Class 3-01: Collaboration
• Class 3-02: Confidence
• Class 3-03: Curiousness
• Class 3-04: Data analysis
• Class 3-05: Empathy
• Class 3-06: Learning
• Class 3-07: Listening
• Class 3-08: Passion
• Class 3-09: Prioritization
• Class 3-10: Proactivity
• Class 3-11: Storytelling
• Class 3-12: Technical skills
• Class 3-13: User empathy

Example Videos

Module 1, Class 1: Who is a Product Manager?

Module 2, Class 5: Problem focus

Module 9, class 7: A/B testing

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