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Product Manager is one of the hottest jobs on the IT market, yet one of the hardest to obtain. This 6-figure job is one of the most rewarding, creative and fun jobs there is. It is also equally hard to obtain, regardless of the level of experience. Do you know how to break into Product Management? Or how to progress from a Junior Product Manager to a more senior role?

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Hi! I’m Dr Bart and I’m a Senior Product Manager at the biggest job board in Europe, Stepstone. I’m also a Microsoft alumni, where I headed Skype’s video call part of the Product, but first and foremost, I’m a successful Product Management teacher. My courses and personal coaching led hundreds of people to a new Product position and my courses amassed over 2000 5-star reviews. Why do I mention this?

Since you are here, there is a chance you would like to become a Product Manager and like me many years ago, you don’t know how to successfully win this job. Thus, I have created a set of courses that will help you to achieve this goal!

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